Installing GAMS/MADARA to the Raspberry Pi


@ To be done by Marcelo e Davi


  • links to papers and manuals or other tutorials

How to install the driver and its depedencies

  • make sure ros was installed first
  • where/how to download gams/madara
  • where/how to download gams/madara and ROS interface
  • how to configures it
  • how to install its depedencies
  • how to install software depedencies and drivers the required
  • provide a script to install it all at once

GAMS/MADARA working with ROS

  • Marcelo e Davi describe the interface between them, limitations, how to compile it, how to test it.

Known limitations

describe here any known limitation of the software so that the next student is aware of it.

How to test it

  • basic testing to see if the is procedure working on the RPi